Chris Church

On the summit of Alto Relex, overlooking Sierra del Caballo Muerto


The whole point is really just to get out there, you go around first by boat, or foot – think about it for a while and then come back when you get the chance. Maybe you do, and you forget later what was so interesting about the whole thing to begin with – wondering why you went so far out of your way. Eventually, you start to question your own attempts to rationalize, to give meaning through some expected purpose.

The whole thing gives you a chance to learn a more simple reason than that of any ideas you had. It’s just a lot of fun to wander, when you can.

About Me

I am a product architect by trade and a serial entrepreneur. Previously, I was a co-founder for one of the first successful SaaS network security and regulatory compliance companies and served as Chief Architect for nearly a decade.  Presently I am one of two founders of a successful motion control company for filmmakers, focusing on open-source electronics and software, and oversee daily operations as well as designing electronics and developing embedded software.

My home is in Houston, Texas and I have the good fortune of being engaged to a wonderful woman who is a great Coloratura and regularly expands my enjoyment of the fine arts.

  1. Hi Chris , I was reading your Blog about the TSL-230R  optical sensor from Taos….I would like to know a little more about this device and others, also the Arduino you used….If you live in Houston ? , I am not very far… Beaumont ! If you could E-Mail me I would like to talk to you…….. By the way your photographs are great……

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